Methods To Help Long Term Food Storage Shelf Life

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Long term food storage shelf life can differ greatly among various kinds of foods. It differs partly because of the temperatures and humidity required for each food's storage. Food in its natural state will always perish faster than food which is treated with the sole intention of extending its life, but natural food will have the highest concentration of nutrients. There are many nutritionists who advocate eating only fresh food and nothing which has preservatives in it. This is good advice but often is not followed because of the perceived lack of time that many people have.

Methods of farming and soil quality are also not what they were in the good old days so even the nutritional value of natural foods are not what they used to be. In some cases, it is likely that you will get just as much nutritional value from canned food along with a vitamin and mineral supplement as you will get from the fresh food. Fresh food should still form part of your diet, but it is not constantly needed at every single meal and because of the hectic and busy lives of most people it is impossible to spend the time shopping for the quantity needed for every meal.

The main reason that you want to extend the long term shelf life of food is so you do not have to frequently replenish your survival food supplies. This is essential for anyone living in the fast paced modern world, especially those who do not have access to a shopping service they can use to bring groceries to their door. It is also cheaper in the long run because fewer journeys have to be made, and thus more environmentally friendly. It is still advisable to eat fresh food whenever you can, but some long term food storage programs will have some preserved food.

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The shelf life of fruits and vegetables are only extended by a few days when they are frozen and packed as quickly as possible. This is not enough to make the food last a long time. In order to preserve this type of food for much longer cans are needed. Canned food can last for weeks or even months, and represents the ultimate in modern food convenience. Of course, the canning process is one of the most harsh in affecting the nutrient value of the food, and canning can also add dangerously high levels of salt to some types of food which need it as a preservative.

Long term food storage shelf life is accomplished best with freeze dried food, dehydrated food, and mres for sale that you purchase now while your national currency still holds some value. Buying these survival food supplies in bulk is also wise before the prices go through the roof because of inflation. You can have lots of gold on hand which is good, but remember, you can not eat your gold. So having a long term survival food storage list, guidelines, and supplies set up in advance of the coming catastrophe is wise and will insure that you have plenty of food available so you can survive.

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